80 Reasons I Love My Husband

A while back I saw this great idea on Pinterest where a woman had taken her husband's favorite candy and written why she loved him on stickers that she put on each piece. I'm not sure who and I'm blogging from my iPhone right now so I'm not sure how to link to it. But if you search for 50 reasons I love you I'm sure you'll find the originator of this awesome idea.
Matt loves red Starburst so I bought a bag, a cute jar, and some round stickers. I was only going to do 50 reasons but there were 80 pieces of candy and it really wasn't hard to think of that many reasons. I just had to work when he wasn't home. A few times I would think of something while he was with me and run back to our room to write them down.
This was a quick and fun project. Matt loved it! He read each wrapper and saved them for a few days.


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