Update on “Number 10” aka “Let’s make a baby”

I haven’t written in a long time about where we stand in our attempts to conceive.  Ugh, I’m using words like conceive.  Ha!  It has officially been one year since we began trying to have a baby.  If you don’t get the number 10 reference you can read about it here.  So, we made it to April with no baby and per my doctor’s request I made an appointment for us to go see him.  He’s a great doctor and Matt liked his no nonsense attitude.  As I mentioned previously I have had blood tests and some other test (endocervical curettage) and 2 sonograms that were all normal.  Matt was next and he is perfectly normal and healthy.  Yay!  Now it’s my turn again and I’m just a little bit scared.  I get to have this done.  I call it the dye test.  Basically, it goes like this.  A dye is put into the uterus through a tube and you are X-rayed while watching the dye flow through.  It’s supposed to just flow right out the fallopian tubes.  That’s what I am hoping for tomorrow (my appointment is Monday at 10).  Just in and out, flow baby flow.  Now, it may not go that way and then we’ll have to deal with that.  Then we’ll see what options are out there for us.
Amazingly, the very day I found out I was to have this procedure done my bible study reading was Romans 12:12 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.  The devotional content may as well have been written just for me.  I’ve been repeating that verse over and over in the last week.  Along with 1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.  Powerful stuff folks!  I take great comfort in knowing that God does care for me and is holding me up through all of this.  I’m sure that when I look back that the footprints of this time of my life there will be one set of footprints. (I’ve read Footprints in the Sand only a million times.  It was on our bathroom wall growing up.)

UPDATE:  July 9, 2012, 11:04am - Just got home from my HSG test and it was normal.  The nurse, Holly, was super sweet and the doctor (Dr. B.) was great!  Holly showed me the picture of my fallopian tubes and they looked good.  Of course, I asked, "Is that normal looking?"  Ha!  As for the procedure itself it was okay.  It was pretty much like a pap smear with the speculum.  The tube didn't hurt at all.  There was a little balloon on the end of the tube to hold the cervix open.  It was uncomfortable for sure but bearable.  I thought I'd feel the contrast dye but I didn't.  I was breathing and praying so hard that they had to ask me to roll onto my hips twice.  I guess I did a good job relaxing!  Right now I feel just a little crampy.  I'll take it easy today.  Praise God!


  1. Lisa,

    This is the same test my sis had and it was awful for her but I am glad it was not for you. Crystal is in the same boat as you and starts fertility treatments soon. She's hoping for good news by the end of the year. I will keep you both in my prayers! I know God will give you both the desires of your heart. I love you! <3



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