The Blue Tub!


Matt and I are working our tails off on his old house to get it ready to sell.  The realtor suggested that the blue tub may be a turn off and if we could paint it we should.  She had tried a product that was okay but not great so she told us not to get that.  After some research Matt and I decided to purchase this Rustoleum product.  We ordered ours on Amazon but I have seen it at Sutherland’s for the same price.


It was pretty easy to use.  First you have to clean your tub and then use some sandpaper on it.  Then you can start painting.  After the first coat I wasn’t so sure about it and high from the fumes.


Then I did the second coat.  Okay, it was much better but still not up to my standards.


I let this coat dry really overnight.  I painted the third coat the next day.  It was the last coat because I was out of paint.  I went to check on it today.  Not too bad.  Matt checked on it after I did it and he was happy, so I am happy.


It looks pretty good.  It’s definitely shiny and covered well.  It was so easy to use.  This product is a great quick fix for an ugly tub.  I would use it again if I had to.  However, I would spend the extra bucks on a paint sprayer.  I used a brush and roller and it went on just fine.  A paint sprayer would definitely make it look more professional, more smooth, and more evenly coated. 


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