I can use a miter box!

Matt and I have been working on his house the last couple weeks.  The renter moved out June 30th and we met with a realtor on July 5th.  You'd think a preschool teacher would have left the house in a little better state than she did but oh well.  I guess not all preschool teachers are like the preschool teachers I know.  Laughing out loud  I went down the next day and painted the front bedroom with some creamy colored paint from Lowe’s.  It really needed a fresh coat of paint.  Matt met me down there and we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.  On Saturday Matt’s mom met us down there and helped us by cleaning and painting the bathroom.  The realtor liked the paint in there but there were so many holes that needed to be filled we decided to repaint it the same color as our kitchen.  Hooray for leftover paint!  Matt mowed the jungle I mean yard, while Nancy and I painted the bathroom.  There were a lot of places to touch up where the renter had either banged the wall or had things hanging or where she had painted over trim.  Lots more cleaning happened on Saturday.  Pickles sheds quite a bit.  The renter’s dog was a big lab and wow was there a lot of dog hair!  There still is.
The purpose of this post was to show off my mitering skills. Open-mouthed smile  I have been wanting to add shoe molding or quarter round to the baseboards as long as I can remember.  The living room had once had carpet.  Matt pulled it all up when he lived there and refinished the hard wood floors.  The floors look great but there was a gap between the baseboard and floor.  Not a huge problem but will definitely help with the sale.  So back to Lowe’s I went and picked out some shoe molding.  I went over to hardware to purchase a miter box and saw. You should have seen the look on that guy’s face when I asked for a a miter box.  He laughed and said, “A what?”  The other worker rolled his eyes and took me to the miter boxes.  I had my supplies and I was ready to go.  My pictures were all blurry, bummer!  But I did manage to find two from one corner that were okay.  It was a lot of work, not the hardest thing ever, just time consuming.  Thank goodness from my honor’s geometry class in high school!  I even painted the trim after I put the molding on.  Here is a before and after picture.  If I can do it, anyone can do it! 
I feel like a house flipper! 

Update: July 23, 2012.  Here are a couple more pictures of the shoe molding.


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