October 2012 Fun

Wow!  October is already over and I only posted twice.  It's not like we had nothing going on.  We were busy with all kinds of fun things.  The weekend after our anniversary I ran my first 5K.  It was really hard but really worth it.  I trained for 12 weeks with a group of ladies doing the Run for God Bible study.  It was amazing.  We prayed, did our Bible study, then we ran.  

My biggest supporter!

Here I am with the Run for God girls.  

We went to watch Sawyer play T-ball.  It was his last game.  He was so cute and did such a great job.

That's one mighty good catcher.

We started drinking coffee.  Well, Matt decided one day to drink coffee and I had to try it with him.  I went one Saturday and got different flavors for us to try out.

And so our coffee addiction begins.

 Jackson got baptized this month.  It was great to see Mom and Dad!  It was great to celebrate Jackson's baptism with both sides of his family.  Matt and I were honored to be Jackson's Godparents.

Jackson and Grandma Reagan

Jackson and his mom and dad.

Roar!  Jackson came to trick or treat.
Of course, we had a lot of fun with our sweet baby, Pickles.  She is so fun and makes us so happy!

Pickles loves her cousin, Jackson.

Sweet, sleepy girl.

She hates it when we do this.
Oh!  Here's more good news:

We got a new refrigerator!!


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