New Year, New Word - Rejoice 2015

1 Thessalonians 5:16
I was recently challenged by a sweet new friend from central Texas to pick a word for the year.  She actually just posed a simple question but it really challenged me to think about what word I need to focus on. What word would have the most impact on my heart, faith, and life.

I've been thinking about this and praying for some guidance. I looked back at past words. 2013 my word was purpose. I was lost in my career, in the midst of infertility, and without a church. God rocked my world that year.  We found a church that was more than we had prayed for.  I changed jobs not once but twice and it led me to a job filled with grace, love, and support. A job where I discovered new skills and new ways to bring glory to God. We ended the year dramatically becoming parents and losing our first child all in the course of a day. 

2014 it was hope.  I didn't so much pick the word as it was given to me. I thought it was hope to get pregnant but I was so wrong.  I learned that my hope is not in getting pregnant or things of this world. My hope is in Jesus.  Hebrews 6:19 ran on a loop in my head.

Next year my word is rejoice. Rejoice in the glory of God. I want to be thankful and praise Him even in the hard times. I want to find His beauty in all things.  I'm so guilty of saying but God, if only things could go my way or why not me Lord or really God really?  This year I will " Rejoice always." 1 Thess 5:16



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