Getting by

photo found here

It's amazing when you happen upon scripture that seems to be talking right to you.  Like this artist I have never met made this just for me.  This is the lock screen for my iPad. I've been having a lot of "God moments" lately.  I think it's His way of saying He's with me.  From a song on the radio, to Matt  knowing just the right thing to say, to scripture popping up in my Facebook feed or daily Bible study, to random acts of kindness.  I know it's true always but sometimes when things are stressful all I need is that reminder that God is holding me up.  Then I know I can make it through anything.  I have been thinking about the story "Footprints in the Sand."  Mom always had it hanging in the house, in the bathroom for a time.  It's funny how many times I sat on the toilet just reading that print.  I am sure that I'm being carried right now.  It's an incredible thing.  

Be sure to check out her website,  Beautiful stuff.  I've got my eye on a few things. Here is the Facebook page.  


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