More Birthday Fun!

The day after my birthday we hosted a brunch.  I love brunch.  It's so easy to prepare and there are so many tasty options.  We served fresh fruit, scrambled eggs, bacon, french toast casserole, and of course vanilla birthday cupcakes with chocolate butter cream frosting.  It was a great time!

Matt ran to the dollar store to pick some outdoor toys.  There were quite a few kids.  Jack, Sawyer, Oakley, Andrew, Matthew, and Joshua.  And Pickles, our little girl.

Pickles was a big hit!  The kids all wanted to take her for a walk.  Matt walked down the street and Mayela and I followed him.  He headed back to the house (we thought) while she and I checked out a garage sale.  But Matt took them all around the block.  These pictures are from his phone.  

Telling jokes.

I think Pickles is walking Joshua.  

They decided they better hold hands crossing the street.

I have found Oakley's future husband!


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