Polka Dot Bowls

I am so in love with these polka dot bowls!

Can you see my reflection in this picture?

Aren't they the cutest!  I've been on the lookout for new bowls that would be good for soup or cereal.  Nice and deep so all the stuff won't slosh out.  I saw these at Dillard's and pointed them out to Matt.

If you recall, Pickles gave them to me for my birthday.  That dog!  She's a sweetie!! ;)

Here's what I love about them:
  • They are deep.
  • The colors are so fun.
  • They have polka dots.
  • They are multifaceted.  If you look at the picture you can see they aren't perfectly smooth.
  • They go with this polka dotted baking dish I got in Weston earlier in the year.  

Here's another photo of the bowls.  You can kind of get an idea of how deep they are.  Perfect for movie night popcorn!

The brand is Maxwell Williams the Sprinkle line.  Oh man!  I should not have gone to the website.  I'm obsessed!  The cuteness is overwhelming!  Did you see the butter dish?  The tumblers?  The creamer?  I think I have a new collection to start!  I totally *heart* the entire Sprinkle line!  

The baking dish is not the same brand but you would never know by looking at it!  I start my polka dot dish collection now.  


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