High Five Friday!

1.  What a great spring break!  I love love love spring break!  I’m so happy to have this time off in the middle of the school year.  It’s a much needed break.
2.  Matt took Wednesday off and we went to Weston.  We had a good time shopping, eating, and hanging out together.  We thought about hiking but it was pretty cool for that.  We just went to the overlook at the state park.
3.  Matt totally spoiled me in Weston.  How cute is that polka dotted baking dish?  It’s 11x7 and deep.  I have already used it once.  I love that it came from a store called The Farmer’s House Market.  It’s in the old Vaughn’s (they spell it wrong) Apple Orchard.  They are a non-profit that provides “opportunities for youth and adults with developmental disabilities in a rural farm setting.”  Love it!  The earrings and yarn came from a new yarn and textiles store on Main Street.  I’m thinking a scarf and hat for the yarn.  It’ll look great with my new blue coat next winter.
4.  Today it’s about 80 degrees here in KC.  I spent most of the morning shopping at Zona Rosa.  Between our families we have 8 birthdays in the next week.  We don’t buy for all of them but we do most of them. 
5.  Lots of quality time with this little fur ball.  She’s been outside laying on her ridge most of yesterday and today.  Her fur is getting ready for spring, it’s all over our house!  But a little a lot of dog hair is no big deal when she’s such a little sweetie.
I’m going to get outside and enjoy this weather!



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