We did it! 10 days of real food

Well, here we are at day 10 of our 10 days of real food challenge.  It was great!  The challenge was much easier than I had anticipated.  I did miss my diet dr. pepper, but I know how bad artificial sweeteners are and I just can’t start drinking as much pop as I used to.  Probably if/when I do, it will be regular and not as much.  I was drinking at least 32 ounces of diet dr. pepper per day.

What did we drink?  Most days it started with a cup of coffee with organic homemade vanilla sweetener.  Followed by lots of water.  For me I needed an afternoon pick me up and that usually came from a cup of tea.  We made this great chai tea from teavana that Matt had been given.  Mmmm!

I told my friend I feel like we are eating more deliciously.  So, what did we eat?

Breakfast was usually a smoothie or homemade granola in milk or plain Greek yogurt sweetened with maple syrup.  On the weekends we had whole wheat pancakes that were so filling we didn’t really need to eat lunch, whole grain toast, and yesterday we had leftover pizza for breakfast.  Smile

Lunches were usually leftovers.  We are big leftovers for lunch people around here.  I have a hard time with things going to waste.  I use or repurpose any leftovers.  Yesterday I went to Subway for lunch and had a veggie sub on whole grain bread.  Did you almost pass out?  Yes, I ate a sandwich with no meat and all veggies.  It was awesome!  We bought some whole grain crackers that we had with our lunches or as snacks. 

Dinners were great.  I made a big pot of crockpot non-refried beans.  That has to be one of my most favorite things ever.  One day for lunch I just ate it with a spoon and some cheese and tomatoes.  Yummalicious!  I roasted an organic chicken, made mashed potatoes, and gravy.  We went out for sushi one night.  I used the leftover chicken to make enchiladas with homemade enchilada sauce. I’ll never buy a can of enchilada sauce again!  We had roasted veggie and chicken quesadillas.  I used the leftover veggies in a frittata and on a pizza with whole wheat crust (homemade).  We had spaghetti with mushrooms and tomato sauce.  Tonight, I gave Matt the choice between lentil pasta soup (that I’ve made before and love) or banana nut waffles.  He chose waffles. 

Snacks were a lot of fruit, nuts, popcorn, or yogurt.  Raisin are so good!  When I had a sweet tooth I went for a box of raisins.  One day I made some whole grain cookie dough balls that hit the spot.

The results… Well, Matt was smart and weighed himself before we started.  He lost a couple pounds.  I didn’t weigh myself but I feel lighter and less bloated.  I feel great, not at all deprived.  I think we’ll keep this clean eating thing up.


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