39th Birthday Fun

Matt totally spoiled me on my birthday.  He's the best gift giver!  I had to work on my birthday (boo!) so after we both got home from work Matt wanted me to open presents then we went to dinner and dessert.  The only good thing about having to work on my birthday is that it was a Friday.  Which means that next year on the big 4-0 it will be Saturday.  If the district decides to start up so insanely early again then at least I know I won't work on my birthday.  Positive thinking!

First up photos of some presents!

I have been on the lookout for a new purse.  I've been using old purses and even though they are good bags they were falling apart.  Matt took me shopping a few weeks before my birthday to get some ideas.  We saw this gray purse that had a cross weave on the front with silver sequins behind it.  The older I get the more I love sparkles!!  It was at Marshall's, on clearance, and the last one.  I wanted to buy it then but he said not too worry.  Well, the next day I started to worry and told him I was just going to go get it.  Matt told me not to spoil the surprise, but he was going up there that day to get it.  When he came home he told me that he couldn't find it.  He had a salesperson help him but it had been sold.  Well, check out what he got me!  The purse I wanted.  He lied!  What a good lie!  See?  The best husband ever!

He bought me some tasty coffee.  Sometimes we think flavored coffee isn't so good but this kind really is.  It's by Paramount Coffee and the flavor is Butter Rum Cream.

 This next present is from Pickles.  She did such a good job wrapping it.

What could it be??

 Polka Dot Bowls!  I'll post more about them and how much I love them.  They are so great they deserve their own post.

PS - I'd like to attribute my excessive weight gain to all the infertility drugs I've been taking and a stressful school year.  Ugh!

After presents we went to Margaritas on the Boulevard.  Then Matt made a detour on the way home to the River Market area to a cute place I can't remember the name.  We shared a piece of tiramisu.  Yummy!!


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