Devastated and Blessed (part two)

This is part two of three.  If you'd like to read the first part click here.  To read about our infertility story click here.

The emergency room was another blur.  Those doctors and nurses are awesome!  I seriously though about baking them cookies or sending pizzas.  They thought at first I had that nasty virus going around.  Matt had been to the ER weeks before for it and they were packed with people who had that stomach bug.  I remember someone asked if I could be pregnant.  I told them I was late so go ahead and do a test.  I know I told myself to not get my hopes up because my last infertility appointment ended with me being told that I would pretty much not get pregnant without significant intervention.  

I'm lying in my ER bed with Matt next to me and the doctor came in and said, "You're pregnant.  Not just a little bit, but like 7-8 weeks pregnant."  We praised God and I remember thinking if I need to be this sick for the next nine months Lord I will do it.  I told the doctor that I had a bad pain in my side.  They brought in a sonogram machine.

I've had enough sonograms in my life to know pretty quickly that something was wrong.  I'm not sure what a baby would look like but I didn't see one.  Then she angled the machine away from us.  She slid the wand up my side.  Uh oh.  The clincher was when I asked how things were looking and she said the doctor would talk to me.  Those techs are usually pretty chatty so I knew it wasn't going to be good. 

They wanted to do an internal sonogram but I couldn't get up to empty my bladder.  I don't think I passed out again but I do know I just couldn't get up.  The doctors decided I didn't need that test, that it was pretty clear I needed emergency surgery.  Yes, I was 7-8 weeks pregnant but it was ectopic.  The baby didn't make it to the uterus.  It was trying to grow but was stuck in the fallopian tube.  The fallopian tube isn't made to grow a baby.  The surgeon was there by then explaining to me they had to do emergency surgery. 

Matt called our family and text our friends.  They spread the word and people prayed for me.  Big time prayers were sent up on my behalf. 

I woke up in my hospital room with Matt next to me.  The next day I had so many visitors.  I have a hard time remembering who all came to visit me.  So many people came.  So many people prayed over me.   Matt's parents cleaned our house and friends called Matt and said they were coming for Pickles.  I really don't even remember how many days I was in the hospital.

I remember meeting with the surgeon and he told us about the surgery.  He told us that the tube had ruptured.  The baby was close to the uterus, like so close.   Which is why I had lost a lot of blood, the internal bleeding is what caused me to pass out.  My blood count was very very low.  I had two transfusions.  Apparently we got to the hospital just in time. 

It was New Year's Eve when I went home.  My mom came to help.  I was pretty weak and tired at first.  It took me about a week and a half to feel okay.  By the time we went for my follow up with the surgeon my blood counts were back to normal.  I went back to work after two weeks.  I think I'll save the next part for how I'm doing now.  Overall, good.  This loss will never leave us.  This baby will always be our first and we will always miss him/her.  But I'm good.  Read part three.

Luke 8:48 "He said to her, "Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace."

I'll share more in another post.


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