High Five for Friday!

1.  Last weekend we babysat Jack and Evalyn. It was tons of fun!  Matt was a champ. I have never been prouder of my husband. Jack woke up crying for momma and Matt read him stories until he fell asleep. Evalyn had her shots a couple days before and we think that's why she was fussy. She did not stay asleep all night like normal. He held her and loved her. Check out this picture. She loves her Uncle Matt!

2.  Tuesday was one of those days where I had more planned than hours in the day.   I woke up late, missed my before work plan to pick up free shelves and had to get them after work.  I was supposed to have one new cavity filled and one old filling repaired. As they were numbing my mouth the lady said I had an infection. Sure enough an X-ray revealed not only an infection that will need a root canal but another cavity!  A big one!  Ouch!  I then had a haircut and as I was thinking about my cruddy day my stylist turned the chair and said look out the window.  There was a rainbow that was so clear it was amazing. But it was just a huge polka dot of a rainbow. Beautiful reminder of God's glory!

Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.” (Genesis 9:16 NIV)

3.  Have you ever put apple slices on a grilled cheese?  You should!  Sprinkle a little cinnamon on there too. You won't regret it!

4.  Wednesday night we had an amazing experience at small group.  They had no idea I have posted about our loss.  Unless they read this and I forgot I shared Vaughan-tastic Life with them. Anyway, they decided to pray over us and for our future family.  We just felt great and so loved by our friends and our God. 

5.  I had a proud dog mom moment today at the vet. People in the waiting room were oohing and aahing at how cute and good she is. Then she didn't want to get on the scale. But when I told her to sit she stayed.  Yes!  Then we went back for her shots and she did great. Of course the vet loved her!   Sweet Pickles!


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