Devastated and Blessed (part three)

So, where does this leave us. 

We are blessed...

We can get pregnant.  We had not been given good chances of getting pregnant on our own.  But now we know it can happen.  We have hope.  Hope is a powerful thing.  In fact, that's what I call our baby, Hope.  It's helped me a lot to have a name on my heart.  A name that means more than just a name. 
Another favorite -

This experience just proves the power of prayer.  If you have any doubt about the power of prayer this story is proof that prayer can lead to healing.  When people pray to God, He hears them.  I was told that it could be months before I had my energy back.  It was two weeks.  Two weeks and not months and months!  Physically, I am good.  Emotionally, I am good.

Do I have ugly cry days?  Oh yeah!  At least once a month.  It's not pretty.  But ultimately God is sovereign and His plan is perfect.  We both know that God has a great plan for our family. 

So, that's where we are.  Trusting God's plan and living in hope.  We have the best friends and family.  We love you so much and thank you for your prayers, love, and support.

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