Super Sunday! 1-24-15

What a great week and weekend!  Last week was pretty routine. Just a nice normal week. 

1.  Tuesday night Matt and I went to the new Sprouts market in Liberty.  It was the preview before opening on Wednesday. It was crazy crowded!  But I think I will really like having it so close to Aldi as an alternative to shopping at Walmart.  I've noticed that Aldis produce has really been awesome this last couple of weeks. That's some good store peer pressure. 

2.  Friday I woke up around 8ish and was just lazily drinking my coffee and planning my shopping day when I got a phone call from Oakley. She asked if I had any plans for the day and if I would want to meet them at Wonderscope.  It was such a fun day!  I loved playing with Walker and Oakley and spending time with Jill. 

3.  We had lunch at First Watch. I always get something breakfasty there. But on Friday I had a half sandwich and half salad so I could try some new things. The sandwich was very good. But the salad!  Oh the salad!  It was the pecan Dijon salad. Pecans, chicken, bacon, teeny amount of cheese, shredded carrots, on a spring mix. The dressing was a warm honey Dijon dressing I could have drank straight from the bottle. I need to remake this at home.  Oh and this was the napkin holder. 

4.  Saturday was one of those lazy but productive days. We got a ton done around the house but I was in my pajamas until about 2:30. 

5.  Saturday night we were so blessed to have dinner with our old small group and the missionary team from our church that will be leaving this summer to plant a church in Western Asia. It was so exciting to hear how God has called them to go and make disciples of the nations. (Matthew 28 - my paraphrase).  

6.  We had Johnny, Sonia, Jackson, and Evalyn over for taco night tonight.  I pulled up some of my old center time toys from my kindergarten days.  Jackson played dinosaurs, read books, played bus, and had Matt and I following him around on his pretend fire truck.  Evalyn has 2 teeth and just talks away. Great times!  

7.  Somebody's getting brave. 


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