SHG test results

Well, today I got some answers. Answers to why my periods the last few months have been out of control heavier than normal. TMI!  LOL!  Answers to why we haven't gotten pregnant this summer while everything from our past test results indicated there was no reason to not get pregnant. Except that maybe I'm an old overweight late in the land of fertility. (Again with the jokes!).

The saline sonogram wasn't too painful. Certainly uncomfortable. I'm home on the couch now with cramps just a bit worse and more intense than what I have monthly. I'm glad Matt went with me so I didn't have to drive especially after seeing that there was something there.

The nurse practitioner, who I found is an ARNP advanced registered nurse practitioner, showed me the screen as she did the ultrasound. Sure enough, there it was. Plain as day, I'm getting good at knowing what my insides look like. Fortunately, the doctor was I that office today. He came in and was able to take a look at the images.

He thinks it is probably a polyp. So, in the next couple weeks I will have surgery to have it removed.  It will be sent off to pathology but the majority of the time they are benign. Is that the word for not cancer?  Because that's what I mean.  The surgery is a same day surgery. They will put me out and the doctor will go in and snip it out. He said I can go back to work the next day (oh joy).  We can try again to get pregnant the very next month.

How cool is it that this was my daily devotional?


  1. Lis, I love you girl and am sending up lots of prayers for you. I know God will give you the desires of your heart in his time. Hang in there and let me know what you need. I am always here for you. <3



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