Nervous for tomorrow

Tomorrow I go in for an SHG, otherwise known as a saline sonogram. At my last appointment with our infertility doctor they saw a "spot" in my uterus.  If you've ever seen a sonogram of your uterus before you know nothing is supposed to grow there, except a baby. The nurse practitioner told me it could nothing just something that didn't flush out last month, it could be a polyp, or it could be a fibroid. 

Basically, an SHG is very similar to another test I had last summer called an HSG. However, HSG uses dye and an X-ray machine. Everything was clear then. The SHG uses saline to fill the uterus so the doctor can get a better view of what's going on when doing the ultrasound. I was pretty crampy after the HSG so I am anticipating the same thing. But now I know I can take ibuprofen before I go. 

The nurse practitioner (I think she's higher than that but not exactly a doctor.  Is there such a thing?) anyway, the nurse practitioner will be doing the test tomorrow. I like her a lot, she seems to be really good.  She's the one who noticed the spot after another nurse had missed it. It would be easy to miss, have you ever seen a sonogram of a baby?  Sometimes you just have to take the soon to be parents word that there's a baby there. Ha!  

So, she will do the SHG and one of two things will happen. 1. The "spot" will be gone. It will have been some tissue leftover from my last period that didn't get expelled. 2. There will be something there. If that happens I will probably have to make an appointment for a biopsy. They will put me under and check it out. If it's a polyp they will cut it out and send it to pathology. If it's a fibroid I think they can sand it down right then. It's not impossible to get pregnant with polyps/fibroids as it was explained to me. Unlikely but not impossible.  Even if you do being able to sustain a pregnancy with those is even more unlikely. 

How am I feeling?  Well, I've had moments of hysteria. Complete wailing and sobbing. I've tried pleading with God, please don't let there be anything there.  But now I'm praying that His will be done and that we have the strength to get through and move forward. If we lean on Him we can make it. 

I'll update tomorrow. 


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