BBQ Tostadas

Here I go again!  Repurposing leftovers into something new.  It's a personal challenge to see how many ways I can reuse leftovers to stretch our budget while still having a tasty meal. 


So one night we had tostadas for dinner. I actually used leftover homemade unrefried beans and shredded chicken from another dinner for that meal.  Well, we had a lot of tostadas leftover. 

On Saturday Matt's parents brought lunch over during our big garage sale. Jack had made some pulled pork, so we had BBQ pork sandwiches.  There was just a little meat leftover so they left it for us. Immediately I remembered those delicious BBQ nachos I had in Memphis.  Looking at the leftovers I had in the frig and cupboard resulted in BBQ tostadas. 

Easy peasy lunch. Perfect for game day. Or watching PBS and Netflix on the Roku day because your hubby is watching football with friends. 

Assembly goes like this. Tostada, cheese sauce, shredded pork, BBQ sauce, microwave, eat, enjoy.  The quick cell phone picture doesn't do these justice. I loved this quick lunch!


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