I Did a Foot Peel - Results

Sorry, I'm just now getting around to sharing about this foot peel I did.  Honestly, I wasn't sure about sharing this because I'd want to share my before and after.  Who wants to see that?  So, fair warning this post contains feet.  Click away if you are grossed out by such things.  
I've heard about Baby Foot peels around the internet.  The reviews have been amazing.  I thought you could only buy these online and I just don't shop online.  #ihateamazon

I typically have dry feet all year round.  Whether I were shoes and socks or sandals, but sandal season is the worst.  My heels become cracked, the skin on the bottom is dry and scaly.  Poor Matt had to go to bed with these feet below!  It's hard to get a good shot of the bottom of your foot.

Pedicures help but can get pricey.  When I saw they sold the foot peel at Target I had to give it a shot.

The peel comes with booties that have a gel like substance in them.  I read that it was best to soak your feet first.  Then put the booties on with socks over them and leave them on for an hour.  After that you wash and dry your feet.  Then you wait. 

The next day I had a little peeling around the heels but they say not to expect any peeling until 7 days later.  I also read that soaking your feet daily would help so I did that.  By day 4 I was sure that I had wasted my money.  I was having some peeling but not much.  Day 5 was like a switch was flipped.  Not only did the bottom of my feet peel, the top did, and even up to my ankles.  I'm sold!  This worked wonders.  Below is my after shot, after all the peeling stopped.  I had no lotion on my feet at all.  Again, difficult to take a picture of the bottom of your feet.  Bad lighting and all, I think it's pretty clear that the peel works.  


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