An Experiment in Eating

I started an experiment on Sunday.

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After watching the documentary What the Health? I decided to give plant based eating a try.   I have no plan of becoming a vegan/vegetarian but I do have a handful of meals I make that would fall into those categories.  I really like those meals, so I know it's possible to eat delicious food.  As always, Matt is my number one supporter and is ready to go for it with me.  I may fix him a chicken breast here and there.

First up, I dove into creating a meal plan.  Matt and I went to Costco for big bags of produce and Aldi to round out the plan.  I did have to go to Sprouts for a couple things.

Beginning on Sunday, I am only eating plant based foods.

What can I eat this week?  Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, natural sugars, and nuts.  If it comes from a plant, it's fair game.

What can't I eat this week?  Meat, processed foods, dairy, and excess sugar.

Why a plant based diet?  Weight loss is always at the top of my list.

  • Improved health.  I don't have issue with cholesterol, blood pressure, or blood sugar - yet.  Plant based diets are proven to help ward off diabetes and prevent heart disease.  
  • Improved skin and hair.  Sounds good to me!  
  • Improved joint health.  Given the drama of my foot and knee that sounds pretty great.  

I'll report back next week with exactly what I ate and how I felt.


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