Quiet Monday

Yesterday was gray. The kind of day perfect for some quiet time to think and pray. 

Matt and I had the day off to meet with a new fertility doctor. He has been recommended by many people and we got an appointment pretty quickly. We had been told that he doesn't hold back or sugarcoat anything. 

He laughed at our former diagnosis of unexplained infertility. He wondered why I didn't have an exploratory surgery when I had the polypectomy.  He questioned why one drug was used when it's known not to be effective in older women. 

He recommends IVF.  He believes that my age is the reason we haven't gotten pregnant. He recommended IVF so that we don't waste time trying other drugs or the same IUI procedure that hadn't worked before. He also said that since we've had one ectopic pregnancy we are more prone to have another one. IVF eliminates that risk.  They have a 70% success rate, with a 40% twin rate with IVF. 

We met with the IVF coordinator next. She gave us a packet of information and talked to us. The packet runs down the process and gives the cost breakdown. Cha-Ching!  Let's just say 5 digits in that number!  Holy smokes. We aren't really thinking about that yet. Money should not be a deciding factor. 

We need to work through how we feel about IVF in general. The possibility of frozen embryos, the surgery, the medicines, the shots, the emotional toll, etc.  There is a class that addresses all of this plus financials, time off work, things to do/not do.  We will get the results of my anti-muilerian hormone levels blood test at the end of this week or the beginning of next. That tells them about my eggs. After that we'll decide which way to move. 

We ask that you pray that the decisions we make are in line with God's plan for us.  When we first started trying to have a baby four years ago I put my hope in getting pregnant. It's all I thought about.  I've changed.  I realized my hope was in the wrong place. I learned from our loss that God the Father is where my hope should be. His plans for us are perfect beyond what we can comprehend. Pray that He gives us a glimpse of what that plan is for our family. 


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