This "old" girl's still got it!

We got our test results back from my AMH test.  This tells us the percentage of eggs I have left.  I got the results through the patient portal, so the number didn't tell me anything.  

Naturally, I went straight to Google.  I found a few decent resources that had me feeling pretty good.  Then I consulted the notes from the actual doctor and I still felt good. 

I called the IVF coordinator and left a message.  I basically said, so here's my number and I think that's good?? Give me a call.  Then I decided to go about my day and not wait by the phone anxiously.

She called back pretty quickly while I was out running errands.  I pulled over and listened as she told me that my numbers were really good.  My number is double the average for 40 year old women.  Last week, I was asked if I was nervous about the test results.  I really wasn't, I felt like the number would be okay.  And it was. 

Now this really leaves us with some things to think about.  After the nurse gave me my results, I told her I felt like I should be asking some questions but I couldn't think of anything.  I asked her what I should be asking.  She said we just needed to decide if we wanted to move forward or not.  She reminded me that we could take the information class no matter what. 

Pray that we can make the right decision.  That our decisions are in line with God's plan for us. Just pray what you are led to pray.  Our small group prayed over us a few days after we met with the dr and it was pretty powerful.  Prayer is an awesome thing and we are so thankful that so many people are praying for us on this journey to become parents. 

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