Matt and I went to the fertility specialist on Tuesday.  I was really excited to go and get some answers.  I knew from there we could finally make a game plan.  I've been feeling very peaceful about the whole situation, so has Matt.  We know we'll be parents some day some how.

As we walked up to the office I started feeling nervous, like I was going to throw up!  I mean this is THE appointment we've been waiting for.  This is THE doctor that is going to tell us the odds of us getting pregnant.  Ugh!  I was feeling like a wreck inside.  I did some deep breathing and took a pit stop in the bathroom.  In the bathroom I said a prayer for a calm and positive attitude and for me to really hear what the doctor had to say.  Luckily, I had Matt to lean on.

We waited in the waiting room for not too long.  We went back to the office.  Matt waited while I got my temperature and blood pressure taken.  It was higher than normal given the circumstances, but still within the normal range.  My weight was a nice surprise.  There's no doubt that I gained quite a few pounds after that school year.  But I had lost 3 pounds on the doctor scale - fully clothed, shoes on, and full belly.  Yeehaw!

In the office the nurse practitioner went over our records we had sent over and asked some general questions.  She then went and got the doctor.  He explained that we have unexplained infertility.  There is no medical reason why we shouldn't be getting pregnant.  I know that some people may find that diagnosis frustrating but for me it was music to my ears.  There is nothing wrong with us!  Nothing at all.  Ahhh.... thank you God!

We then went into an exam room for an ultra sound.  I won't go into the gory details but all my parts look good.  It was fascinating because he pointed out the follicles on my ovaries that are going to be little eggs.  He could tell which ovary had ovulated that month.  Fascinating stuff!

The next step will begin soon.  


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