Five Things Friday!

1.  I am always surprised when I see these bluebells on the side of the house.  After the spring bulbs are done and the peonies have wilted away these beauties pop up.  So pretty!

2.  I made a trip out to Trader Joe's this week.  They have the best junk food!

3.  Matt and I play Words with Friends with each other and he ALWAYS wins.  He usually kicks my butt!  But this week I played the word sequin with a Q on a triple letter score and the N on a triple word score.  Boo ya!  

4.  Pickles loves ice cubes.  During the summer I will freeze a treat in a little container and she loves it!

5.  Matt bought this lip gloss for me during the winter.  I think it was in my stocking.  It was kind of bright for winter but it's perfect for summer.  It's bright pink and gets brighter the more you put on.  It tastes delicious and is so moisturizing.

PS - I just got a fun new photo editing app on my phone called A Beautiful Mess.  That's where all those cute doodles and fonts came from on the above pictures.  I see myself using instagram a bit more. If you want to see my instagram photos (mom and dad) then click here to go over to my blog page.  I put a lot of them on Facebook but not all of them.

 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png


  1. I'll have to look up that app! It looks way cute!! And those flowers are so pretty! Stopping by from H54F! Have a fabulous weekend! =)


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