My Fabulous First Week of Summer - High five X 2

1.  I started my week off like this.  Ahhhh!!  I *heart* summer break!

2.  I got this cute case for my iPad.  It's cute and functional and was so affordable!  Amazon is the best.

3.  Matt and I went to watch Sawyer play baseball Monday night.  Love those kids!

4.  We took Pickles with us.  When we got home we thought she went right back to her bedroom to crash.  But she was right behind the couch in her dog bed.  No wonder we could hear her snoring!

5.  Tuesday morning Jackson came over to hang out while Sonia had a dental appointment.  Pickles loves him and he loves Pickles.  He loves all "Doggies" I think.  Love that kid and feel so blessed Johnny and Sonia make sure we get some quality time with him.

6.  Pickles has been rolling in something funky in our yard.  This is the third bath we have given her in a couple weeks.  She heard the bathtub last night and hid.  

7.  Matt took me to the putting clock last night.  I got a free lesson from my handsome golfer.  I thought this was kind of a cool shot.  

8.  All week the crown I had last month has really been bothering me.  I finally called the dentist on Wednesday.  They couldn't get me in until Saturday.  But Thursday night I was in such pain I couldn't sleep and was crying.  Matt convinced me to call and see if they had any cancellations.  They did.  I was sure I was going to have a root canal the pain was that bad.  Luckily, the X-ray was good and after a few adjustments I had relief.  It's still a little tender but getting better.  I treated myself to an iced coffee.  (I had a coupon).

9.  I went back to my summer Zumba class.  I love it!

10.   I LOVE summer break!  I feel like myself again.  I can breathe.  I can sleep in.  I can already feel that the stress of the school year is gone.   

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