What Have I Been Reading in April?

1.  Interrupted by Katherine Lee - My friend/coworker lent this book to me.  After she read it she thought I would like it.  She was right.  It's a memoir for her children, so it's written in first person and addresses her kids directly.  But it was really interesting.  Her story is a beautiful tale of trusting God in all things.  She and her husband have started a ministry for people who have escaped the sex trade industry and for people who work with them.  Very neat how that came to be and how many times God made it obvious that was what he wanted her to be doing with her life.

2.  Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler - I mentioned in my What's Up Wednesday post  that I was reading this and found it from a blog recommendation that every woman should read this book.  Now you would think with all that Matt and I went through with infertility and pregnancy loss and the thousands of dollars and hours of time spent with doctors who specialize in this kind of thing this would have been old news to me.  Nope!  I was 17 pages in and had more aha! moments than I could count.  I don't know how many times I said to Matt, "Hey, did you know _____?"  Ridiculous really!  This should be required reading for women whether or not they want to have children at all.   She teaches the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM).  Basically, it's understanding the signs your body gives you to let you know you are ovulating from tracking your temperature and beyond.  My dad reads this so I'll spare him the gory details.  LOL!  I'm not reading this book in hopes of getting pregnant.  We are in a place of contentment with our lives.  If we don't have kids - great, if we do - great.  But I do want to understand how my body works.  This book is about more than just pregnancy achievement, it talks about a lot of other issues dealing with women's health.  It does make me a little mad that we had all these doctors who specialize in fertility and women's issues and not one of them ever once asked me to track my temperature to help determine ovulation.  In fact the first one told me not to, a friend had mentioned it as something she had to do during her treatments.  The last doctor laughed at me (to our faces) when we told him we had no reason to not conceive.  (I was a dinosaur in the land of fertility for trying after age 35 #eyeroll).  My current doctor (just regular doctor) said I must be an expert at how my body works since we had been through so much and mentioned this method.  I'd never heard of it.  So, every girl I know is going to hear about this book.  Especially my sisters still in the trenches of fertility issues.  


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