What I Read in May!

I finished Perspectives reading and projects at the beginning of the month.  Yes!  I had put all my library holds on pause and turned the pause off.  I got 3 cook books and one romance.

First up, I read a book a friend loaned me.

1. Brave Enough by Nicole Eunice - This is a good book.  I liked it but found it a bit long.  Like maybe the story could have been told in half the number of words. Don't get me wrong, I liked it.

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2.  100 Days of Real Food by Lisa Leake - I really like this blog.  The cookbook doesn't disappoint.  It starts with a lot of explanation of how and why she and her family gave up processed foods.  I like how easy she makes eating real foods seem.  She's real in that she knows sometimes you have to do what you have to do but encourages small changes.  My copy is full of flagged recipes. I can't wait to give some a try.  One is on the menu for this week.  

Image result for 100 days of real food cookbook

3.  100 Days of Real Food Fast and Fabulous by Lisa Leake - I didn't plan on getting these in the same month but that's how it happened.  Again, flagged full of recipes.  These seem to be a little quicker in preparation and has more crock pot recipes.  Plus, some fun lunch ideas.

Image result for 100 days of real food cookbook

4.  Upscale Downhome by Rachel Hollis - Another cookbook!  I flagged some fun snack recipes.  

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This is scheduled to post on Memorial Day.  This is more than a day off, it's a day to honor soldiers and loved ones.  Matt and I will be at a friends for lunch.  It is weird to me to not be at a cemetery laying flowers on the graves of my family.  


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