What's Up Wednesday? May 2017

It's Wednesday so I'm linking up with the What's up Wednesday ladies!  

What we're eating this week?

I made "Lisa's Hummus" for Memorial Day and it is good!  I had forgotten all about it and had lost the recipe until Mayela sent it to me.  Delish!  I need to photograph it (with my iphone, nothing fancy) so I could get it posted and then Pin It so I won't forget it again.  
I am trying a new recipe tonight.  It's a Pinch of Yum recipe for cauliflower walnut taco "meat". I really like all of her recipes.  The push me beyond my comfort zone but are always good.  I hope Matt reads this after dinner.  All I told him was that we are having tacos.

What I'm reminiscing about?

This month Matt turned the big 4-0.  We had a party for him in our churches gym with family and friends from all parts of his life and then a handful of friends came over for a driveway party.  On his actual birthday he had lunch with his parents and then we went out for fried chicken with friends.  It was really fun celebrating him.  I was especially moved by how many people came to his party, how many people called, text, sent cards, etc.  I think he's the best thing out there and love him so much it meant a lot to see how many people came out to celebrate him as well.

What I'm loving?

Does it get any cuter?

What we've been up to?

May has been full of celebrations.  We celebrated Evalyn's third birthday on the 5th.  Mom and Dad were in town so we had a great weekend!  It was beautiful all weekend so we got lots of outside time. 

How cute is this?  Pickles loves to sit and watch the brush and bushes (and the kids behind us play) so Jackson went and sat with her.  Pickles is well loved by her cousins.  

The weekend before that Matt and I were in Florida.  We went to Disney Springs.  That place is awesome!  It's changed so much since I last went there.  

What I'm dreading?

   Image result for orthopedic sandals

Those are orthopedic sandals. As I mentioned in my I'm not that old post, I have osteoarthritis in my foot.  I am getting an insert made to wear with my regular shoes but it won't work for sandals.  My doctor told me to look into orthopedic sandals.  Um, no thanks!  But the nurse told me about a brand that makes fashionable ones.

Image result for orthopedic sandals  Image result for orthaheel sandals

That's better!  I'm now only dreading the price tag.  

What I'm working on?

We got a nest for free from the electric company.  Now we just have to install it.  

What I'm excited about?

Two planned vacations this summer!  Well, one for sure to The Prairie Club in Nebraska and other fun golf courses in Nebraska.   Isn't this beautiful?  
Image result for the prairie club
We'll stop in Sioux Falls, SD to visit Matt's aunt and uncle (and golf).  The aunt and uncle that sent him this card.  I can't stop laughing every time I see this I crack up.  
One possible, probable, trip to Las Vegas for a conference that Matt might speak at.  If he gets selected we are going!

What I'm reading?

You can read all about the books I read in May here.
I started a new book called Paper Hearts.  I wasn't sure about this one since romance isn't usually my favorite genre.  But this is a cute one so far.  It's just the easy read I need!

What I'm listening to?

I started listening to a podcast called That Sounds Fun.  It's hosted by Annie F. Downs.  There are so many podcasts out there!  It's hard to choose.  

What I'm watching?

I watched America Ninja Warrior on Sunday.  It must be ninja warrior season.  That's such a great show!  I root for everyone and feel so proud when someone beats a challenge.  

What I'm wearing?

Not flip flops!  Boo!

What I'm doing this weekend?

This weekend is going to be busy!  Matt is coordinating a golf tournament to benefit our friends local ministry called Whole Family Care.  Their mission is to serve single parent families with free childcare and mentorship.  They are just getting started and it's been exciting to have a front row seat.  Check out their website and, if you feel led, they would love your support (prayer, financial, etc.).  

What I'm looking forward to next month?

Matt's 40th birthday golf road trip!  We are going here.

What else is new?

Warning: graphic photo below.  Matt's birthday weekend Pickles killed at least one rabbit and one squirrel.  She ate the rabbit whole.  This is in the morning.  Matt caught her in the evening eating a rabbit.  So either she got one and ate part of it in the morning and part in the evening or she got two in one day.  The next day we caught the squirrel killing soon enough to remove it.  So we are going to hire her out to make a little money.  Anyone want a rabbit hunter?


Bonus:  What's my favorite vacation spot?

I am super partial to Florida.  We went to Fort Meyers Beach for my 40th.  

I also love New Smyrna Beach.

Anna Maria Island, St Pete's Beach, John's Pass in Madeira Beach, St. Augustine... I could go on and on.  I've been to a lot of beaches in Florida.  But there are a lot I haven't been to yet.  Call it my Florida beach bucket list.    I'd love to go to the Destin area, down to Miami, and the Keys, and I'm sure there are some I haven't even heard of that I'll love.  Any beach, any where, and I feel at home.


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