Favorite Things

I thought I would share a few of my favorite things.

1.  Costco!  We just love Costco!

2.  Speaking of Costco... These lentils from there are so yummy!  Even my sweet husband who says he's not a big fan of lentils loves these. They are yummy over brown rice or quinoa or just by themselves.  It was one we  took a chance on and ended up loving!

3.  These shoes.  Have I shared these shoes yet?  They are a TJ Maxx find. I also love the loafer socks I got from Gordmans to wear with them.  You can't even see them, but they are cute! 

4.  I need to tell you that I normally don't care for protein powders.  But this is GOOD!  Aldi for the win!  I even liked it made just with cold water in a shaker.  It's great with milk.  I have vanilla now and it is really good too. But chocolate is my favorite.  It actually tastes like chocolate.  Bonus - it really keeps me full all morning.  Most of the time I don't get hungry until lunch time.  

Image result for aldi protein powder

5.  Is this 5 or 6?  I've lost track.  What I do know is that those sea salt caramel almonds will not last a night in this house!  Run to Aldi right now and get you some!  I would probably like the coconut ones as well, but Matt is not a fan of coconut and I can't be responsible for eating an entire bag.  

Image result for aldi sea salt caramel almonds

6.  Not to get too personal - ha! When have I ever worried about that here on the blog?  Anyway, I've been on the search for a new deodorant.  I feel like my Secret has been failing me lately and I don't like all the stuff in it.  So, I've been using this Tom's of Maine the last few weeks and I like it.  Today was hot and humid and I needed to reapply but I just realized I bought the "for girls" version.  I checked their website and, sure enough, I bought the Kids Deodorant.  I will probably try the "for women" version next.  I like that it's natural, it smells great, and it's not any more expensive than the non-natural deodorants.  Bonus, you can get it at Target.  

Image result for tom's of maine deodorant
7.  Lastly, I'm loving these tassel earring still.  I get compliments all the time when I wear them.  


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