Made by Me: Mini Tassel Earrings

These adorable earrings couldn't have been any easier!  I have had this idea for quite some time now.  I saw a favorite blogger make a similar pair for herself. She purchased mini tassels, which would have been even easier. 

Below are the supplies you will need if you want to make your own pair of mini tassel earrings. Or just give me a shout.

I used two pairs of pliers, gold jump rings, gold earring hooks, cream embroidery floss, and a fork.  Not pictured: scissors.  :)  

The process is pretty easy.
1.  Open up your jump ring.
2. Wrap the floss around the fork, with the jump ring at the top end.
3.  Close up that ring, Tie off your tassel at the top.  Slip it off the fork, cut the ends, and trim as needed.
4.  Open up the end of the earring hook, put on the tassel charm, and close it back up.

 Done!  Aren't they cute?  Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas?  I had enough to make three pairs of earrings.  Some lucky people I love are going to have a surprise in the mail.  

Here's a bright photo of me with my pair on.  You can see they aren't too long.  I love them!  The best part?  I already had the pliers and jump rings.  So, with my 40% off coupon and a 50% off sale at HObby Lobby these cost less than $2!  Plus, I have supplies to make many many more.  


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