Feeling Like Me

Hey there!  Just checking in.  I'm not sure why but this last week I did not feel like myself.  I was grumpy and had a bad attitude.  I held it together while I was out and about for the most part.  But when I got home I was a wreck.

I have a few thoughts as to why I was so unusually grumpy but it is not in my nature to be so negative.

Things took a turn yesterday.  It started with a sweet friend praying over me.  Then I worked at my part time job.  That store is so peaceful and the work is fun.  Matt and I chilled out at home and watched Dateline.  I got about 10 hours of sleep.

Today, Matt wanted to golf.  It's probably one of the few days he would have time that didn't have rain in the forecast.  I took the opportunity to do a handful of Lisa things.  I crafted, I baked, I watched cooking shows.  The sun came out after a week of clouds and all is well.


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