Vaughan Family Christmas 2016

Christmas with Matt's side of the family was great!  We got together the Friday before Christmas.  Gifts were exchanged.  Food was eaten and drinks were flowing.  Pickles was on her best behavior.  She loves her cousins so much.  Lots of photos to follow.

Clover is not sure what to do with Pickles.  She came around eventually.

There is always some kind of game.  This year Matt's dad brought out a jar that he had been saving all of his pocket change for a year.  He counted it and told us that whoever guessed the closest would get half of the money.  I pulled a random number out of the air and won!  

Matt and Walker open their stockings.  

Pickles is such a sweet girl!

Sawyer and Walker with Jill checking out their stockings.

Pickles followed Clover all around.  She just wanted her to love on her.  Katie is in the background. 

Sawyer is checking out his stocking with Katie, Jill, and Clover.

Walker's present was so big he needed his big brother to help.  

Oakley got some Frozen bath products.

It was a great Christmas season with our family!


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