New Year's Goals - Workin' It Wednesday

Last year, I found this fun link up party called Stranded!  Every month these bloggers hosted a link up with prompts about what you would need on a deserted island.  It was always a favorite of mine. So as 2016 was coming to an end I wondered, hoped, they would have another themed link up.  Well, no worries - they do!  Workin' It Wednesdays are themed around how busy ladies keep it together.

New Year, New Goals... or more of the same.  This year I set goals and choose One Little Word.  I didn't do either last year.  It's been fun to look back at each little word and set of goals.

My word this year is Celebrate!  Celebrate all the goodness of life, open our home up more often, and rejoice in God's love.

Goals for 2017 are in the photo below.  In no particular order:
* get in shape * Wake up an hour early to read the Bible and/or workout * save $ * enjoy life * pay debt * read a chronological Bible plan * + vitamin D * - A1C * drink more water * eat more veggies * workout 30 minutes * practice gratitude (write 10 things I'm grateful for in January) * make stuff *


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