2017 Temperature Blanket

I decided to make a temperature blanket in 2017.  What's a temperature blanket?

A temperature blanket is an afghan where colors are assigned by the temperature.  So the blanket will have 365 rows, one for each day.  The colors for each row are chosen by the high temperature of the day.

I did a bit of research and picked my colors.  I used some yarn I already had so I only had to purchase a handful of colors.  The types of yarn are different to provide some interest.

I worked out the pattern after some more research.  I decided to do a smaller stitch on normal days and special stitches for holidays and to mark the first day of a new month.

I divided the colors in groups of tens.
below 0 to 19 = gray
20 to 29 = blue
30 to 39 = purple
40 to 49 = teal
50 to 59 = green
60 to 69 = yellow
70 to 79 = pink
80 to 89 = orange
90 to 99 = red
100 + = coral

I will work two colors on days with precipitation.  When it snows or ices I'll use white along with the color for the temperature.  Rainy days will be a lighter blue.

Here's the progress so far.  I love how the colors have jumped around.  Oh Missouri!


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