January Book Review

I'm excited to share what I have been reading this month!

I may have mentioned this first book at time or two already.  I did get a free copy to read, but I honestly did love it.  

1.  You Are Free by Rebekah Lyons - I started this book in December right before Christmas.  I could tell that this was the kind of book I could read in a weekend.  It's so good!  But I wanted to really focus on the message of the book and spend some time with it.  I highly recommend this one.  The chapters are divided up by topic so you could start in the middle if that topic suited you best.  So smart!  

2.  Breaking Busy by Alli Worthington - Good book.  Good insights.  Part memoir part plan to break out of the busy.  I liked the memoir part best because I like learning about people.  

Image result for breaking busy

3.  Perspectives - I didn't do a weekly post on Perspectives in part because I knew I was doing my monthly book review.  This week we read a lot of great articles but my two favorites were one by John Piper where he talks about how missions exist because worship doesn't.  Worship is the goal and missions is one means to achieve that goal.  The other was by Verkuyl comparing the modern church to Jonah.  Jonah didn't like who God had sent him to and judged the Ninevites as unworthy of God's love and redemption.  Who are your Ninevites?  


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