Super Saturday! March 29

1.  We celebrated Jack's 2nd & Nora's 3rd birthday lady weekend.  

2.  Mom and Dad were in town and so was Aunt Judy and Uncle Fred

3.  We went to a mall!  I miss malls. There are no malls in our neighborhood, just outdoor shopping areas. Those are great for about 3 months of the year in the Midwest. 

4. We visited Matt's grandma yesterday. She has a collection of thimbles. There are 850 of them. She has kept a little notebook of who gave them to her. They are all numbered. She's legally blind now so she had me label and record a few new ones she got. I just loved it!

5.  Grandma Vaughan spoiled Pickles. She loves her but thinks she's too pretty to be called Pickles. 

6.  I started a crochet project in the car. I love road trip crochet. 


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