Super Saturday - March 15

Well, I missed yesterday's High Five for Friday post so it's Super Saturday!

1.  We had dinner with these kids on Sunday.  Oh, and Sawyer, Jill, Aaron, Jack, and Nancy. 

2.  Monday was so nice I decided it was time to make nice with Matt's grill. I grilled chicken and brats. It is so different than my old gas grill but I did it!

3.  Matt played Pickles' favorite game, tag. 

4.  These are back!!!!!!!

5.  So is this!

6.  Today we took Pickles to the Brookside St. Patricks Day parade to walk with the rescue group we got her from. She was a hit and surprisingly she loved it. We were pretty sure we'd have tosneak out early but nope. She pranced the whole way. 


**oops I forgot to hit publish on Saturday.  



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