Hooray for Friday! March 7

How is it already Friday?  This week has flown by. 

1.  Last weekend on a whim I bought a yard of fabric and made two new pillow covers. 

2.  We had to get out of the house last weekend before the next snowstorm rolled in. I thought that called for Mexican food. 

3.  Matt made a couple trips to Costco. One of the trips he came home with a giant can of coffee and these...

 Yummy!  Just what this girl who loves using ingredients in a variety of ways needs. Teriyaki chicken salad sandwiches, banana Nutella sandwiches, and turkey bacon avocado sandwiches are what we've done besides just eating them plain. I thought about croissant French toast or avocado egg sandwiches. We'll see if we have enough leftover for that. 

4.  On another Costco trip Matt came home with a big bag of organic tortilla chips and 16 pack of hummus. Today for lunch I mixed hummus with avocado, pepper jack cheese, and spinach. I microwaved it for a minute. It was very good!  Can you tell I have some avocados to use up?

5.  We had The Vine this week. So I was I busy at work getting copies ready, preparing communion, and setting it all up. The Vine is a monthly Bible study we do as a church. We are studying 1 John right now. Good good stuff!



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