Have you seen this sportscaster from Dallas?

He was on Ellen last week and one thing he said struck me.  He said he's had calls from all over the US from all kinds of people,  He listed all the people and places and when he said Christians he said some of them don't like him anymore.

Really?  Really?

Because he refuses to condemn a gay football player?  But we let murderers and rapists and all around bad guys play sports and revere them.

It is no secret that Christians have bad rap for being intolerant.  It breaks my heart ever time I hear someone persecute another person in the name of our God.  It's so hateful and goes against the example Jesus set for us.  Okay, I am no expert here, I learn something every time I pick up my Bible.  I've read a lot of it and no where do I see Jesus hating and persecuting other people because they are different.  In fact he's the one hated and persecuted.  And He suffered that for us.  People, did you hear that? Us!  Story after story has Jesus hanging out with the most undesirable people of the time.  And you know what?  He changed their lives because of His love.  It wasn't a "do whatever you want" kind of love.  There are consequences to your actions but the door is always open.  Sure there are stories of God hardening his heart to those He gave multiple chances to live by His laws.  They aren't partying it up in heaven now.  That's for God to decide.  Not me, not you, not your pastor, or anyone.  God.  Alone.  That's it.

There are so many references I could point out in the Bible that let people know it's not our job to judge others.  There's John 8:1-11, with the adulterous woman about to be stoned and Jesus says let he without sin cast the first stone.  If you know that story, everyone drops their stones and walks away.  There's Romans 2:1-5 which says (in my very basic paraphrase) there's no reason for you to cast judgement on someone else's sins because you're a big fat sinner too.  Sin is sin is sin.  God doesn't quantify one sin as worse than another.  God forgives murderers just the same as he forgives liars.  I'm sure we can agree that murder is way worse that lying but both aren't good.  We are all sinners.  All of us.  Every single day.  Most people in the US know John 3:16.  God loved the world so much he sent his only son.  He sent his son to be our savior.  He sent Jesus to bring people to Him. 

I've been thinking a lot about discipleship.  There's big stuff happening in missions at our church and we've had some great sermons on it.  Plus, we are reading the book of Acts right now in small group.  That's why it's fresh on my mind.  Jesus shared the word of God with the apostles and the world.  The apostles then continued to share the word and the way.   Those people shared, and so on and so on.  Nobody won anyone to Jesus with threats and violence.  No one did it then and no one is doing it now.  In the immortal words of everyone's grandma, "You catch more flies with honey."


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