Problems - High 5 Style, Feb. 7

Problems, problems, problems!  Nothing but problems happening in the Vaughan house this week.  *note sarcasm*

1.  So we got a bazillion inches of snow this week in KC!  There are steps under that snow.  It came later in the morning on Tuesday so I worked until noon and hightailed it out of there.  Even though the neighborhood roads weren't great I made it in on Wednesday and Thursday.  It was my first snow days after quitting teaching.  You know what?  Not a problem!  At all!  

2.  Pickles loves to play in the snow!  Matt shoveled the driveway while she played out back.  When Matt came in he laid down on the couch for a nap.  Pickles (who is not a cuddle dog) wanted to nap with him badly.  She tried sitting on top of him, got into a really uncomfortable position you may have seen on FB and Instagram.  Then she just sat on her stool, put her head on the arm of the couch, and fell asleep watching him.  Poor Pickles!  Precious! 

3.  I have had the worst dry skin this winter.  It happens every winter.  I told one of my best girls about this stuff I found at Walmart.   It's Moroccan Oil by Suave and I love it!  It's a pretty small bottle so I was sure it wouldn't last, but it does.  You don't need a lot just a couple sprays per body part and rub it in.  I keep it in the shower and use it as soon as I'm finished.  The scent isn't terrible and it doesn't leave you all oily and slick.  It's great!  

4.  I went to yoga today with the same friend and I think she was trying to kill me!  It was Athletic Yoga aka Power Yoga.  It was so hard!  I haven't done yoga in over 10 years.  I've been a Zumba, walking, semi-running, sit on the couch and think about working out kind of work out girl.  Yoga is hard, my muscles hurt, and it's awesome!  Only a true best friend would challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

5.  My last problem has to do with that stack of books in the photo below.  Lately, I have gotten into a thing where I start a book and don't finish it.  Let's start with the bottom book Gone Girl.  I was into it, it was suspenseful and then part two began.  I got mad at the character and put it down.  No spoilers for anyone out there.  I really liked the authors other books but this one doesn't do it for me.  Maine = Boring.  Maybe it's a slow starter but I bailed.  Smoke Screen was actually pretty interesting but I started it before Christmas and never got around to picking it back up after Christmas.  I still feel like my life is sectioned off into two parts.  Before 12/28 and after 12/28.  I can't go back to life before 12/28 and I think that's why it still sits there gathering dust.  Eat It to Beat It is a book I will finish.  It's interesting.  Those are the four books you see.  I have four Beth Moore books on my Kindle app, one e-book I checked out from the library I had to return unfinished, and one more on my hold list.  Seriously!


  1. I'm so over all of this snow! We got an extra 4.5 inches yesterday…and now we can hardly see our mailbox anymore! I'm so ready for spring!


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