Hooray for Friday! February 28

Happy Friday all!  I'm happy because the sun is shining and it's not snowing yet. I'm starting my day with coffee and some tasty cinnamon roll bread. Seriously, so yummy!  Here's s a glimpse of what's been going on this week. 

1.  Last Saturday I went to a spiritual gifts workshop. It was really interesting. My top gifts were encouragement, faith, and mercy. My personality was golden retriever. Sounds about right!  Matt was home sick but we have pretty much the same gifts and complimenting personalities. 

2.  I love seeing people post on Instagram, Facebook, and blogs about signs of spring. Birds chirping, grass growing, flowers budding, sunshine, and longer days. Well, here's how we know spring is coming at the Vaughan house.

Dog hair everywhere!  Pickles is losing her winter coat. Every single thing in our house has a layer of dog hair. Do not come over to our house unless you want dog hair to leave with you. You may not even want to accept a hug from either of us for a bit. 

3.  Speaking of Pickles, the neighbor boy loves her so much. Wednesday he was standing on his side of the fence throwing balls at her. He wanted her to play fetch and come over to him with the ball. He even threw a plastic flower bucket. Pickles hates fetch. She would rather run and chase. Here she is showing Preston how she feels about his attempts to play fetch. Stubborn beagle!  Love her!

4. I got to my eye appointment early last night. I had plenty of time for snack. 

5.  Chicken and couscous is a really tasty quick dinner. We both enjoyed it!

6.  Every Thursday this sweet 92 year old man brings donuts to work. On valentines day he brought cards and caramels for "his girls."  They were to die for!  Buttery, chewy, caramely, with just a hint of sea salt. Last week my coworker told him how much we enjoyed those. So when he came in yesterday he pulled a baggie out of his pocket for his girls.  They are Bequet and I found their website. If you see them anywhere buy them!  Caramels aren't your thing?  Consider it a donation to the girls of LCF. 

7.  Five boxes of girl scout cookies entered this house this week. I consider it a personal victory that we still have five boxes on the counter. 

8.  It's no secret I love love love my new job. It's such a great place to work. I love that this week I used so many skills I honed in my former teaching career. I worked on the database, edited the newsletter, made a game for family night, organized information for the next mission trip, and made a bulletin board for family night.


  1. Five boxes of girl scout cookies also entered our house a few days ago…but they didn't last long! We bought a box of their new cranberry cookies and they were so good! :)


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