High 5 February 21

1.  Did you know you can have a toothache caused by a sinus infection?  I had no clue! I went to the dentist on Monday with a throbbing aching tooth. It hurt so bad I was ready to hear some bad news.  But five X-rays later nothing. She poked and scraped and blew air and water and nothing. Then she asked if I had sinus pain. She gave me an antibiotic and told me to get an OTC sinus medication.  It has helped. I love learning new things.

2.  Speaking of learning new things, I love being database administrator at work.  I've learned so much. I also love helping three differnt pastors with their ministries. I get to use my rocking bulletin board skills for an upcoming family night and my organizational skills for class prep. Yesterday I got a crash course in Adobe InDesign so I can edit the church newsletter. Fun stuff!

3.  Matt got me a fuzzy green blanket last weekend. It's so soft we take turns using it. We call it the Kermit blanket. Here's a bad iPhone picture of it. 

4.  The sun shined. I wore flats with no socks.  I wore no coat. Happy times. 

5.  Last week I bought a 6.5 pound bag of chicken and a 6 pound bag of strawberries at Costco.  So good!  I'll never go back, at least not until our membership expires. Aldi frozen chicken has been a little yuck lately. The strawberries were just a great buy and seem strawberrier than others. Mmmmm!  We'll be eating lots of chicken and drinking lots of strawberry smoothies. 


  1. I love shopping at Costco! I bought a 6 pound bag of blueberries that we have almost blown though in less than 2 weeks! Whoops! ;)


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