Happy Valentine's Day High Five

I've always loved Valentines day. Even when I was single.  Now New Years Eve single was a different story.  But V-day is all about love and I've always had a lot if love in my life. 

1.  Check out this chocolate cake I just made. Who's coming over?  This looks good even in a poorly lit iPhone photo!

2.  Matt completely spoiled me again. As usual!  I'm a lucky and well loved wife everyday. He got me all my favorites - fizzy drinks, cookies, and chocolate.  Tonight we are making our traditional Valentines day lasagna.  I love our tradition!  I love my hubby!

3.  Pickles is pretty picky when she eats people food that is okay for dogs. Junk food she's all about but healthy food, forget it. She turns her nose up at raw carrots, they must be cooked. Apple slices are play toys. That is until I got the apple/peeler/corer slicer.  We now know that she likes peeled and cored Gala apples. We usually have red delicious or gala but we don't peel them. Check out how nicely she's waiting for her apples. 

4.  New faucet.  Enough said.

5.  It's official, they like me at my new job. I joked with the church administrator that I was going to take a picture of my new name plate and send it to Matt saying they were going to keep me. She said make sure you tell him we love you too.  I love my job!

Posting this on Sunday because it didn't go through on Friday. Oops!


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