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August Fun with Pickles

We started the month with Pickles having a bit of a tummy ache.  So I had to get out the carpet shampooer.  Since I had it out I went ahead and vacuumed the house then shampooed the carpets.  
Pickles saw them both out and came downstairs to jump in my lap.  

Then she started limping.  She was favoring her left paw and I got worried.  I told Matt to watch her walking and he said she was favoring her right paw.  She was faking it the whole time because she was scared of the vacuum and carpet cleaner!

Emma is talking up a storm and she loves Pickles.  She came right in saying Pickles.

Pickles has started requesting treats by scratching the pantry door.  She will lay down by the door until we tell her that it's time for bed.

There was something living under the stairs that drove her crazy.  It was probably a little frog.  

The weather is cooling down and cuddle season is beginning.  

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