Favorite Things!

Happy Friday!  It's a beautiful day here in Kansas City!  Which is my first favorite of the week.

Check out that weekend temperature!  It's downright cold for the first weekend of August.  I know a lot of people are enjoying the hint of fall.  I am too, but IT'S AUGUST!   It's supposed to be hot. 

Next is my new bracelet. I think it turned out pretty cute.  

My third and fourth favorite things of this past week are both dog related.  Pickles was extra snuggly Sunday night while Matt was at men's group.  Shocker!  Even more shocking was that she didn't want anything, like outside or a treat.  She just wanted to cuddle up with my temperature blanket.

Then another night she wrapped herself up in my granny square afghan.  People thought we had wrapped her up like this.  Nope, she crawled underneath it and threw it up around her shoulders.  She was just coming off of an ear infection.  I think she was wanted some ear rubs and maybe some soup.

Fifth is kind of gross and I plan to do a full review in a week or so.  I did a foot peel.  I have nasty dry feet, especially in the heels.   Cheaper than a pedicure and really weird.  I'm in the peeling phase right now and won't be wearing sandals for until that's over.  

Lastly, I am still loving my new favorite drink.  I can't get enough of it.  I even used the coconut syrup in my coffee with a splash of half and half.  It was like almond joy creamer, but better.


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