What's Up Wednesday? August 30

The last Wednesday of the month snuck up on me again!  But I made it in time to link up with the What's up Wednesday ladies! 

What we're eating this week?

I didn't even meal plan this week!  We are eating whatever comes to mind.  Salmon in the freezer?  That's what we're having!  Ground beef?  Thaw it out and make some kind of patty/meatloaf concoction.  I'll be back to meal planning for next week.

What I'm reminiscing about?
 Vegas baby! This was the view from our room. Funny story, some people came in to the office while I was gone.  My friend was by herself and one of the people commented on it asking where I was.  The other person said, "Oh Lisa is in Paris right now!"  Apparently she just looked at my photo and didn't read the captions.

What I'm loving?
Netflix.  Matt got a 30 day free trial, or retrial.  They want to woo us back and I am sold!

What we've been up to?

We spent a really fun week in Las Vegas last week.  Matt did a great job at his presentation.  While he was at the conference I spent time at the spa and pool, did a lot of walking, and window shopping.  We ate at some great places.  Our favorites were Battista's Hole in the Wall, Bruxie Chicken and Waffles, In and Out Burger, and Sprinkles wasn't too shabby either.

I'll do a whole Vegas post and share more photos and stories later. 

What I'm dreading?

Maybe I have arthritis in my knee?  Not even kidding!  I mentioned how much fun we had in Vegas.  We saw all the things, which meant a lot of walking.  Which left my knee a little worse for wear. According to my doctor, I may have angered the beast arthritis that lives under my kneecap.

This is one day of walking, even with a monorail pass.

What I'm working on?

Shedding some L.B.s and changing my diet.  See the What I'm Watching section.  

What I'm excited about?

We're coming up on a new season.  As sad as I am to let summer go, fall is a pretty great time of year around here.  I say this with every season change.  

What I'm reading?

I'm in the middle of THREE books right now.  I went through a streak of bad books that I didn't even finish.  When I found a few good ones I went all in.  One fiction fluffy book, one Christian must read, another about the Enneagram I keep hearing about on the internets.

What I'm listening to?

Emily P Freeman has a new podcast called The Next Right Thing.  She has such a great voice!  I just like listening to her talk.  She's so calming.

What I'm watching?

We watched a documentary on Netflix called "What the Health?"  It's pretty thought provoking.  Some things I found interesting were the studies that pointed to diet and your health.  When people who were seriously ill went to a plant based diet their symptoms dramatically improved.  In most cases they were completely off some, if not all, medications.  I wish they had spent more time talking about that. But it was more about how major health organizations promote ways of eating that are not necessarily best and that they are sponsored and funded by companies that manufacture those foods.  I also wish the guy would have at least taken off his hat, washed his hair, and combed out his man-bun when he went to talk to the big corporations.  LOL!

What I'm wearing?

See those comfy pants?  I wear them every chance I get.  Matt bought them for me for my birthday.  They came from Costco in a pack of two. The second pair is black. 

What I'm doing this weekend?

It's Labor Day weekend and we have no plans.  I'm pretty okay with that.

What I'm looking forward to next month?

September!  The month that ushers fall right in.  I'm looking forward to going to at least one Fall Festival next month.  Liberty, Mo always has a good one.  

What else is new?

Sweet Pickles is grounded from going outside after dark for a while.  The last two nights she has had a possum in her sights.  We saw it on the telephone line that runs along our backyard one night.  It just froze up there for an hour while she barked non-stop at it.  Non-stop, for an hour.  Matt was able to shoo it down the line and out of her line of sight so we could get her inside.  


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