Temperature Blanket: July Update

Well, July is over so it's time to update the progress on my temperature blanket.  Also known as the afghan that just won't quit.  Man, this is going to be so big!  I knew that going in.  It's going to be awesome!  It really is, I just have to make it through these hot summer months of trying to crochet a giant afghan when the last thing you want it to be covered by a giant afghan.  LOL!!

Here she is!  July, oh July such a weird month for the weather.  We had cold days, rainy (like torrential) days, and days so hot it would melt the rubber off your shoes.  

It wasn't until I uploaded these photos that I realized I made a big mistake.  See all that yellow?  That means it was in the 60s.  Only it was actually in the 70s on those days.  Oopsie!  But see that peachy color to the left?  That means it was in the 100s those 3 days.  One of them was the night of a terrible rain storm where Matt and I had to pull off the highway for about half an hour.  Even when it calmed down a bit and we got back on the road it was still scary.  

I'm not mad at that mistake with the yellow.  I like yellow.  You know who else isn't mad about it?

Pickles likes this blanket!


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