What's Up Wednesday... Friday!

Wait, how is it already the last week in July?  Obviously, I missed Wednesday.  So here is my What's Up Wednesday on Friday.  Probably too late to link up with the What's up Wednesday ladies! Oops!

What we're eating this week?

I made a giant pot of macaroni and cheese.  Ultimate comfort food!  We had some aged Gouda that needed to be used.  It was one of those giant blocks the size of my head from Costco.  I added in some cheddar and it was great!  Threw some meatballs on a tray one night and called it dinner.

What I'm reminiscing about?

Matt's 40th Nebraska road trip!  Check out all the details here.

What I'm loving?
Washing my face. Okay, that sounds weird!  I had been using facial cleansing clothes exclusively.  I felt like my skin was looking dull so I switched back to using a cleanser and moisturizer.  I picked up the Aveeno kit at Ulta.  It has a cleanser and moisturizer with SPF.  Then I picked up a night cream at Aldi.  It's great!  It even has great reviews online.

What we've been up to?
Last weekend we had so much fun!  Our nephew Sawyer spent the night on Friday.  It's such a blessing to get some one on one time with our nieces and nephews!  Matt took him golfing on Saturday morning before it got super hot out.  We played Monopoly, took naps, and went out for ice cream.  Saturday afternoon we took Sawyer home and got to see the rest of the kids.

We met friends for dinner at Joe's KC BBQ.  I broke from the normal Z-Man and tried something new.  I think it was called Smoky Joe.  It was also delicious.  Then we saw the movie Dunkirk.  I liked it.  I appreciated the creativity in storytelling BUT I wished it had been more linear.  I know this director is known for this type of storytelling, I usually always like his movies. Something about this seemed wrong for the historical topic.  I felt like too many characters weren't developed enough for my liking.  Overall, you know how I feel about WWII  historical fiction!  So it was a win, I just wanted more.  

After the movie, even though we were all stuffed we went to out for ice cream at a new rolled iced cream place.  It was fun, something different, but pricey.  A fun one time experience for sure!

You start by picking from the numbered board.  They write it on the cup and a person grabs it and fills it up with what you need.  I ordered the Mint Oreo, so they added some mint Oreos to the container and got the cream measured out.  Then they pour the ingredients on the slab, crunch them up, and add the cream. It gets swished around on the slab until frozen. 

Then they spread it out.  Mine came with chocolate syrup so she wrote my name.  One girl drew a snail.  I saw another do a happy face.  It's cute.

Then they take their putty knife like spatula and roll it up.  You can add topping to it if you want and I did want so I added more mint oreos and mini M&Ms.

What I'm dreading?

 Would you believe I'm still dealing with this insole thing?  It's frustrating because I told the medical supply store it felt wrong in the heel.  He acknowledged it could be wrong, that it probably was, but I needed my doctor to sign off on it at my next appointment.  Which was just last week.  Ugh!  The doctor thought I was crazy when I told him it felt like I was wearing wedges and these things that are supposed to support are hurting.  Sure enough, the heel is wrong.  So back I went to the supply store to fix the heels.  It's really putting a cramp in my shoe buying tendencies.   

What I'm working on?

It's time to start planning for Perspectives.  So scheduling meetings, planning with and building the team. All for God's glory!

What I'm excited about?

We finally jumped on the airline miles credit card bandwagon.  We pay some bills we've already budgeted for on it and then pay it off.  Hoping to get some points built up so we can fly on better airlines at a more affordable cost.  

What I'm reading?

This book is speaking to my soul.  I picked it up thinking man I wish someone had put this in my hands about 3 months after our loss.  Even 3 years later I'm finding encouragement.  Give this book to someone you love that's lost a pregnancy.

What I'm listening to?

I love that you can check out audio books from the library.  I put Crazy Love by Francis Chan on my list before our road trip.  I thought it would be great to listen together.  Well, I finally received it in my inbox on Monday.  I've been wanting to read this for a while now so I downloaded it and listen on the way to work, in the office, and at home.  I'm going to call this required reading for anyone who follows Jesus. If you love the Lord, read or listen to this book.

What I'm watching?

I love watching hair tutorials on you tube!  Kate from The Small Things Blog is my favorite.  But there are a lot of really good you tubers out there.  Want to learn how to braid?  There's a zillion braid videos.  Looking for someone with hair similar to yours for new styling ideas?  Yep, they've got it.  

What I'm wearing?

I bought these podiatrist approved sandals on sale with a gift card.  Cute and comfy!

What I'm doing this weekend?

Cleaning, redecorating, and watching a new dear friend get baptized!

What I'm looking forward to next month?

Two things...
1.  My birthday!!!  🎉🎂🎈
2.  Vegas!!!  ✈

What else is new?

One more thing I'm up to this weekend... I'm making a cross body strap for my black Fossil bag.  I love it this purse.  But I wanted a cross body purse and couldn't find one.  I wished that my black bag had a longer strap, so I set out to just buy a strap and no luck.  So I went to Hobby Lobby and bought the hardware and strap material.  If it turns out good, I'll share a how to here and I'll make a long strap for my brown Fossil bag I love so much as well!

Bonus:  What's my favorite thing about summer?
I LOVE the long days and nights.  It's almost 8pm as I type this and it is still light outside!!


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