Currently: July 9, 2017

Time:  7:54 pm

Loving:  Dog sitting our dog-nephew Winston.  He's a cuddle dog!

Eating:  Dinner tonight was this Southwest Chicken Soup.  I found the recipe for Dad and Mom to use in their pressure cooker and tried it in my crockpot tonight.  Yummy!

Cleaning:  My water bottles with this water bottle cleaning kit.  I felt like the straws weren't getting clean even with soaking them in super hot water.

Wearing:  I bought some cargo shorts on our road trip.  Matt had a golf lesson in Sioux Falls and I went to Kohls.  They button up but the waist band is like a soft sweater.  The best!

Planning:  Our next two adventures this year.

Wishing:  Pickles was as cuddly as Winston.  This is as close as she gets to a cuddle.  She's a sweetheart and loves us dearly but is not a fan of snuggling.

Reminiscing:  About our Golf Nebraska Adventure.  I'll get a full post up soon.  But it was incredible!

Still loving:  The chocolate covered almonds from Aldi.  I've tried both the salted caramel and the coconut.  Can't stop!  Won't stop!  Sooooo good!  Get yourself to Aldi and when you see these, grab them.

Praying:  For the Perspectives class in 2018.  Matt and I are coordinating and building the team of people.  Which is nerve racking for me.  I have to constantly remind myself that it's not about me, my performance, or who we get on the team.  But it's about who God brings and who He has already planned to participate.  He knows the location, the team, the students, all of it.

Okay!  Signing off and going to get back in the swing of things with at least one post per week.  Maybe two!

Time: 8:04pm


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